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Forwarding to the future refrigeration systems


Non-Freon, High efficiency, Safety. NewTon genuinely responds to the requirements

Variety of NewTon line-up dedicated to individual application

  • For F-class cold storages "NewTon R"
  • For C-class cold storages and Ice plants "NewTon C"
  • For Freezers "NewTon F"
  • For Ice arenas "NewTon S"

Features: While energy situation and economic status are changing rapidly, the refrigeration industry is greatly required to respond to energy-saving and power-saving.

Realizing more advanced economics and energy-saving
NewTon is a highly efficient refrigeration system which Mayekawa, a specialized refrigeration compressor manufacturer, mobilized all of the state of the art technologies in the fields of "compression", "heat exchange", and "controlling."
Responds to the HCFC phase out in 2020
We have to take countermeasures by 2020 when HCFC-22 will be phased out.
NewTon responds to the HFC/HCFC phase out issue employing indirect cooling by CO2 which is cooled by a natural refrigerant "Ammonia" without any impact of ozone depletion and global warming.
Pursuing the safety in all ot the system
We aggressively pursue non-leakage structure. The ammonia refrigerant which has superior thermal properties is isolated in machine room.
Safety use is realized. In addition we provide customer support systems such as remote monitoring and maintenance & diagnosis systems.

The right system in the right place line ups: The tailored systems effectively realize your preferred conditions.

For F-class (-20℃ or less) cold storage "NewTon R" For F-class(between -20℃ and -10℃) cold storage and ice plants "NewTon C"

The optimal NewTon is chosen depending on usage and the products to be stored. It highly effectively responds to variety of conditions.

60 to 70% of total power consumption of cold storage is for refrigeration system.
NewTon drastically reduces the power consumption of refrigeration system.
Employing optimal choice from NewTon series tailored to your usage and the products to be stored enables an effective operation in your cold storage.

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For Freezers "NewTon F"

Realizes energy-saving on freezers combination with NewTon F.

NewTon F is dedicated for freezers in food processing plants.
It contributes to productivity enhancement in food processing plants, firmly corresponding to load changes including the change of production volume to realize energy-saving on freezer.

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For Ice arenas "NewTon S"

With best condition of ice arenas. Environmentally friendly and easy-operational "Eco-Arena".

NewTon S is dedicated for ice making for ice arenas.
It always creates advanced ice conditions with consistent performance, the optimal ice quality, and stable ice temperature to be required.

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